Family Night at The Cocktail Farm

No, it’s not all about cocktails, even though Kevin spent last year working nights as a bartender just for fun. That’s just the grab line. This is the Bay Area’s largest mulberry orchard, with 12 years of farmers market experience. We do a lot of stuff here that just doesn’t happen at a regular Palo Alto residence. Choose some ideas below, and then discuss your family night plan with Kevin at

Activity-based famiily fun: your and your kids will split the wood, build the fire, make the dough, decorate and cook the pizzas. The pizza house is a self-contained separate structure where you and your family can hang out and enjoy private time together over the meal, and then maybe do some campfire desserts. Email Kevin on

A typical Family Night at theCocktailFarm is 3 hours. Here’s some program options to choose from; the contract will be tailored to your interests. What’s the cost? Negotiable, but imagine taking your whole family to a very fancy restaurant or a day at the ski slopes. Your experience could include:

• Pizza House Dinner: you split the wood, build the fire, make the dough, let it rise while we do something else, roll out the dough, decorate, cook, devour.

• Beehive observation: pull on protective gear and get to know the girls who make our jam and cocktails just a little bit sweeter.

• Jam-making class. Pick mulberries* and lemons fresh from our orchard, You will each take home a jar of jam from a batch made by your family. Tips & tricks & equipment provided. (*seasonal)

• Mixology101 cocktail class. is Kevin’s corporate team-building business. Real bar tools, spirits, juices, and glassware provided as you learn techniques while making 4+ cocktail classics. (21+ required), We can fit a cocktail class into your Family Bubble plan, as long as all participants are of age.

• Smoked-Meat Demonstration. Learn how to quickly set-up your own DIY smoker at home. We’ll have time to escort you through set up, first-fire, and smoking. Come back tomorrow if you want to collect the finished product. So yum!

• Unless you want us to teach your kids how to do chores, all the clean up will be provided. Relax! Enjoy your time away.

• Costs will include all food & drink, equipment usage, prep, direct instruction, and clean-up. In other words, all-inclusive except 9.25% sales tax. Venmo or Paypal “Friends” mode helps you avoid 3% credit card fee. All contracts are individually planned and bidded. Please contact Kevin with your interests and budget:

Email Kevin to discuss your preferred date, time, and program options.

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