No, it’s not all about cocktails, That’s just the grab line, even though Kevin spent last year working nights as a bartender just for fun. This is the Bay Area’s largest mulberry orchard, with 12 years of farmers market experience. We do a lot of stuff here that just doesn’t happen at a regular Palo Alto residence. Learn from us. Have some fun. Choose some ideas below, and then discuss your family night plan with Kevin on

Pizza making is one of the family fun highlights. Our pizza house is a separate strucure where you can enjoy family time after learning to split wood, build a fire, make pizza dough, decorate, and cook a pizza — doing all the work yourselves. Except clean up. Unless you want us to make your kids do that, too.

A typical Family Night at TheCocktailFarm is 3 hours. Here’s some program options to choose from; the contract will be tailored to your interests. What’s the cost? Negotiable, but imagine taking your whole family to a very fancy restaurant with beverages, or a day at the ski slopes. Your experience could include:

• Pizza House Dinner: you split the wood, build the fire, make the dough, let it rise while learning another skill (see below), roll out the dough, decorate, cook, devour.

• Beehive observation: pull on protective gear and get to know the girls who make our jam and cocktails just a little bit sweeter.

• Jam-making class. Pick mulberries* and lemons fresh from our orchard, You will each take home a jar of jam from a batch made by your family. Tips & tricks & equipment provided. (*seasonal)

• Mixology101 cocktail class. is Kevin’s corporate team-building business. Real bar tools, spirits, juices, and glassware provided as you learn techniques while making 4+ cocktail classics. (21+ required), We can fit a cocktail class into your Family Bubble plan, as long as all participants are of age.

• Smoked-Meat Demonstration. Learn how to quickly set-up your own DIY smoker at home. We’ll have time to escort you through set up, first-fire, and smoking. Come back tomorrow if you want to collect the finished product. So yum!

• Unless you want us to teach your kids how to do chores, all the clean up will be provided. Relax! Enjoy your time away.

• Costs will include all food & drink, equipment usage, prep, direct instruction, and clean-up. In other words, all-inclusive except 9.25% sales tax. Venmo or Paypal “Friends”-mode helps you avoid 3% credit card fee. All contracts are individually planned and priced. Please contact Kevin with your interests and budget:

All visits are private and pre-arranged by email, prices based on your choices from the program options. Contact Kevin to discuss your dates, times, numbers, budget, and ideas for a great time on the TheCocktailFarm

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